Over the past year, two young New Zealand entrepreneurs have been carefully crafting a new Soda company to rival all others in the industry.

It was during a trip over to Melbourne in late 2015 that long time friends and soon to be founders Chris Howard [right] and Michael Saaranen [left] caught up over a weekend to discuss what each other had been doing over the past couple of years. Fast forward to the early hours of Sunday morning [Note - 4:00am] and after a few rounds of Johnnie Walker Blue label being mixed with a heavily diluted post mix cola, ideas were flowing on how they could switch up the beverage industry. The seed which would soon spawn into Two Rooks, was laid.

The Two Rooks - Chris [Right] and Mike [Left] at the exclusive release in Auckland, NZ

The idea was to create a premium Cola that not only tastes amazing on it's own, but also doubles as a premium mixer for top shelf spirits - aiming it towards the mid to high end market for those wanting an alternative, rouge option.

"We knew what we wanted to create, it needed to be better than great, but we were also completely new to the beverage industry. Everything has been the ultimate crash course; from perfecting the formulation process to writing business proposals for funding, manufacturing setbacks and more. Not the best kickstart into the industry but that is ultimately where both of us thrive. It's been one hell of an experience but we're now on track to shake things up.

As Geoff Ross of '42 Below' once said - "Bite off more than you can chew and then chew like hell"

- Chris Howard

The end result? Two Rooks Cola not only looks great, but tastes even better. Sharp ‘old school’ flavouring, natural sugar, smoother carbonation and added electrolytes gives Two Rooks Cola, a distinctive ‘draft’ edge above all others.

Minimal, yet timeless Jet black can with gold chrome and pure white colourway will draw your attention for all the right reasons.

The Two Rooks have only just begun. Become a part of the story and watch this space, as you could say that we haven't quite revealed all our cards just yet. Why stick to just Cola..